It’s pouring.

March 8, 2012 § 2 Comments

“A pouring into is needed for a pouring out.”

I may have just made that up, but the essence is true. 

I’ve been involved in a lot of church things lately.  Without looking, they’ve racked up and filled most of the week.  I love this, of course, and feel blessed for the opportunities, but it’s felt a bit overwhelming now and again.

Kenny and I recently joined a small group through our church.  He and I have led groups galore, but haven’t been in one since our premarital group so I signed us up.  That’s when we met Ron and Nancy. 

Sweetest. People. On. Earth.

They’re a middle-aged couple with kids in college and the warmest personalities in existence.  [Heres’s something you should know about me: I have an incredible soft spot in my heart for older people.  Kind, gentle, genuine- gets me every time.  I find them so precious, it’s embarrassing. When I meet someone of the older variety and I’m melting, you’d know it.  I believe my hand always goes to my heart as I lean forward a little bit in an “awwwww”-like manner, my eyebrows knitting together and my lips folding in on themselves as if I just stumbled upon puppies and kittens sleeping in shoes.  Okay, maybe not THAT extreme, ’cause that’s pretty darn adorable. But close.

It’s everything I can do not to hug them.  While Ron and Nancy are by no means elderly, they are precious nonetheless and I do, in fact, want to hug them. *hand goes to heart*]

The other night, when most of the group had fallen ill, Ron still wanted to meet with Kenny and I.  He was up for  getting coffee, dessert, drinks, whatever.  He bought us hot chocolate.  And we all chatted.


Afterward, I told Kenny that he had to be the nicest, most sincere and kind-hearted leader on the planet.  He didn’t have to do that.  He asked us our story, he told us his.  He wanted to know more about our faith, where God had really made Himself known in our lives.  He shared the same.  He overflowed with pride about his family and shared his heart, how he felt truly blessed to have amazing children and love his job. He smiled a lot, the wide and friendly kind that pushed up his glasses.   

Without even knowing how much, he truly poured into us. I took it all in.  After giving this Land’s End-clad leader a hug goodbye, I left the coffee shop full.  We had just been given valuable time with someone who didn’t give it a second thought.  Even though he most likely had plenty of other ways to spend is evening, he pursued us.  He offered.  He volunteered.  He poured.

“I want to be like that,” I thought.  “I want to be a pourer.”

It reminded me what pouring looked like- no strings, no inconvenience, willingness.  And I thought about how to be poured into- being present, responsive, open. 

I’ll be working on both and in the meantime, feeling grateful for such good examples, Ron and Nancy.  *hand goes to heart*


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§ 2 Responses to It’s pouring.

  • ma says:

    Much wisdom comes just from sharing and listening. What a truly blessed time, well spent, in fellowship with a christian brother!! Helps us to understand why the Lord encourages fellowship in the body of Christ 🙂

  • shannon says:

    oh i love this so much.

    i am so grateful that you and kenny stumbled upon this small group and leaders like ron and nancy. that is perfect.

    i have to same reaction when i meet or encounter an older person too. i love them so much. i have to stop myself from just sitting on the floor and asking them to share some stories with me.

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