Lest I forget.

March 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

On bad crabby graceless certain days, there is a host of things I wish I could change about my husband.

I assign him new qualities and behaviors according to my will.

 I’m talking about the thoughts I don’t even know I’m thinking when he’s doing something I wouldn’t do or saying something I wouldn’t say. 

It’s the thoughts you think after being with someone awhile.  When the list you first made when you were dating…

He’s cute.

He makes me laugh.

He loves Jesus.

He’s tall.

He loves milk.



…is eclipsed by the everyday. We bear witness to each other’s good, bad, and ugly.  We do the life dance.  We weigh and measure.  The list turns into… 

Is it a big deal? 

Can I let this one go? 

 That can happen A LOT throughout the day in your own head. 

You get to this comfortable place with each other that sometimes means that the negative thoughts win.  Life feels like it moves too fast to try a little harder to think about the good qualities. 

“He knows I love him.”

 But that’s not enough.

 So, I now give you Some Reasons I Love My Husband That Don’t Occur To Me as Often as They Should:

  •  He is awesome with kids.  I can’t wait until we have our own and I’m the one asking him, “How the H do I do this?”
  • The man always opens my door.  And pulls out my chair.  And helps me with my coat.  His mama raised him right and chivalry is not dead in this house.  [And, naturally, this is another reason I can’t wait to have kids with him.  If we have boys, he’ll teach them right and by example.  If we have girls, they can SEE what they’re waiting for.]
  • He looks SO GOOD with a fresh haircut, some stubble, and that one sweater.  Gets me every. Time. 
  • He cuts the onions.  Being as they are my kryptonite, he volunteers every time to slice and dice those orbs of death.  I can’t thank him enough.
  • He works REALLY hard.  He keeps it in balance with the rest of life, for which I am also grateful, but I admire his focus and ethic (even though sometimes I feel like a slacker). 
  • When we were first married and automatically picked sides of the bed to sleep on, he eventually told me that he chose the most logical side in the event of bad guys- he is now closest to the door with a ginormous club and dangerous flashlight within arm’s reach.  So watch out, bad guys, or you’ll get a bat to the face.
  • He bakes bread.  Loves to.  Need I say more?
  • He has completely embraced being the spiritual head of this household.  Almost to an obnoxious degree (can I say that?).  Even when we are both ravenous for dinner and I would be fine shooting some thank-yous up to Jesus mid-bite, he deliberately grabs my hand and takes his time with giving grace.  I’m always grateful.  He prays when I don’t think to and gives praise to the Lord when I am too caught up in the moment.  He takes his role seriously and no matter what you think about “wives submitting to their husbands,” I would follow him anywhere because he is following Him. 


[P.S. I picture Kenny & I this way when we’re older, swaying to Margaret Whiting’s “Time After Time.”  It’ll happen.]

Just some things.  The list could go down to my shoes.  Maybe make a list of your own today.  When there is so much we could be bogged down by in the world, in life, I’m thinking about these things today.  And feeling blessed.


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§ One Response to Lest I forget.

  • ma says:

    Blessed, indeed!!!!!!!That is the kind of list we need to periodically make just as a reminder of God’s goodness to us in the man He created!!!

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