Slow-cooked meat and Jon Acuff.

March 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here’s the truth: I love my Crock Pot.

I believe it is one of the best inventions ever, right after the  timer on a coffee pot.  It’s like cooking, but not really.

And because we are making a delicious slow-cook pot roast (for the third time in as many weeks) for our Alaska parents tonight, my husband woke me up with this excerpt from the hilarious Jon Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like.

Crock Pots- A Love Letter

“Dear Crock Pot,

Is there anything your circle of goodness can’t deliver?  Any bounty of deliciousness you are incapable of providing?  Any warm embrace of bubbly food delightfulness you are unwilling to share?

I say no.

But you don’t come around as often as you used to.  We’re all trying to live a little healthier.  We’re eating fewer dishes that look like macaroni, cheese,  and beef got into a street fight. When I go to potlucks, I can’t find you among the plates of organically grown seaweed burgers.  I look.  Oh, I promise you I look.

But you remain elusive. 

No miniature hotdogs swimming in mysterious red sauce.  No unidentifiable stew that is the color of Burnt Sienna crayons. 

Somewhere you sit alone in cabinet, instead of in your rightful place of honor.  You’re so forgiving, too.  We can just throw something in you and completely forget about cooking all day. 

Even if that meal spends an hour too long in your hot belly, it’s okay.  You won’t burn it.  You won’t hurt it.  Your love is tender.  You always give, you never take away. 

If there were a dish Hall of Fame, I would nominate you. 

If there were an NCAA-type tournament for cookware, I would pick you to win my bracket. 

If Mt. Rushmore had room for an additional American hero, your rotund face would sing from the mountains.

I love you, Crock Pot.

Forever yours,


As the delicious smell of pot roast wafts through my house today, my love for my Crock Pot will only grow.  Just like my love for Jon Acuff.*

*Seriously, read this book or visit his blog.  It’ll delight you. And by linking him everywhere, you have no excuse not to and hopefully I will be left alone for quoting a significant chunk of his brilliance (flattery just might get me everywhere). 

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