Just keep writing, just keep writing…

June 1, 2012 § 3 Comments

Some days I really feel like a writer.

Since quitting my job late last August, it has definitely been an uphill climb (of course the climb would be uphill…how can you climb downhill?  I digress…) and a test of my endurance in this whole writing thing as I have sought to define and recognize myself as a writer. 

Getting freelance work helped.  I was no longer the only one who cared about whether or not I was finishing anything.  Suddenly, I was not my only editor and my husband was not the only one who thought I should be paid for my compositions.  And that was nice.

However, when I would see different articles and blog posts dedicated to an author audience, it was hit and miss whether or not I would identify in my gut as someone it was meant for or pass it over for “real writers” to read.

Today I feel like a writer.  Words are pouring from me and I cannot get them down fast enough.  I saw a tweet that went out to writers everywhere and quickly clicked on it, without thinking twice.  I made another cup of coffee, which I never do, because I knew I needed it for all I wanted to write today.  My cat is comfortably in my lap, where she will remain for quite awhile, rather than getting kicked off as I run around finding other things to do, things I know I can do like laundry,  to avoid writing. 

Allow me to share some content with you that is speaking to me as of late in case you are on the fence with writing and need to be affirmed that you are a writer.  But here’s my final word on the subject today: You are. 

This is the one that caught my attention in my Twitter feed (which I still can’t type with a straight face, sorry Tweeters).  I think I’ll look into it all.

This gal always has inspiring reads and is a delightful writer.  She often compiles what she is getting jolted by, like this list, and opens my eyes to great writing content, as well as shares her journey of trying to figure this whole writing thing out.  I thank you for that, Bethany!

And, as you could probably gather from my most recent post, I have been battling comparison (always) and all things discouraging when it comes to blogging and writing and this post encouraged the heck out of me, surprisingly enough.  Hannah is awesome and honest and I felt completely known and understood when reading her words, which are ALL how I feel on any given day.  Hannah, if you end up seeing this, you gave me the courage and the nudge to get back into the game, just by being open and sharing the struggles that speak my language.  And I’m grateful.

I’m not a huge “link up Friday” blogger, but these I had to share. 

Any writers out there have anything to add? Please do, write away. 

Happy Friday.


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