A Girl Can Dream.

June 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

My dream office closely resembles that of Rachel McAdam’s painting room á la The Notebook.

Actually, I want that entire house, all of it, every inch, but let’s just focus on the room he sets aside for her to paint in (the likes of which I cannot locate a picture-ça va mal- so you’ll just have to see the movie if you haven’t already, which is blasphemy in its own right). The light, the view, the balcony…such a beautiful space that it is all hers, so specifically set up for her craft that once she enters it, all that is left to do is paint.  I love that.

I decided to take a break from ruminating about writing and instead show you what my dream office would look like.

I’m pretty sure that it is a LONG way off, us being in a house where a room (along with our income) is expendible enough to become my personal writing sanctuary, but what the hey. I’ll look to Pinterest (to which I finally remembered my login information…phew, right?) to share a little bit about my dream with you.

First of all, I want an office that is absolutely nothing like this.  This is my office hell:


No creativity can possibly happen there.

These next few, however, have my heart.  Such wonderful spaces.  The wood, the colors, the light.  Oh, the light.

I. need. light.

This next one just feels like a breath of fresh air, though how anyone could sit and write for any length of time in that chair, I have no idea.  The chair would have to go.

[Doesn’t it also make you think of Edward Cullen’s room in “Twilight” when he and Bella fling themselves onto a tree that looks like that one….no?  Mmmkay.]


And finally, doesn’t this gal look like she is having a grand ol’ time in her office?  I can see why.  Though the desk lamp would have to go and the carpet is not my favorite, I especially love the chair in the corner, perfect for editing or indulging in someone else’s words.


….aaaand within just a  few minutes on Pinterest I went cross-eyed and reached my “why am I looking at all of these pictures that exist for the sole purpose of making me want things and “pinning” them so I can virtually have them but not really and I can’t take it anymore” threshold.

But you get the idea.

Someday, friends. Someday.


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