Catching Butterflies.

July 10, 2012 § 1 Comment


They are everywhere, happening all the time, flying by like butterflies and asking us to catch them, to admire them, to gather them into a colorful life.

I have been trying to capture moments lately.  See-that-friend moments or say-something-nice moments or send-something-their-way moments.  Too much, and especially as a writer, I’m isolated and only in tune with me. Hours spent in quiet, searching every corner of my heart and spirit and abilities that (I hope, think, pray) God has given me and say what He wants me to say.  Reaching outside of myself was never my strong suit, but it is a necessity now.  Or else I will lose all connection with three-dimensional people and live only inside the world of my computer, other blogs, and my husband.

That just won’t do.

My husband likes to talk about saws.  And mortar.

Thus, I need my people.

There are far too many precious people in my life to fall asleep at the relationship wheel.
And there is absolutely no excuse to know more about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes than some of my best friends.
We are all just as accessable as, it’s just whether or not we choose to take advantage or not.

Have you ever thought back on past relationships and wondered what happened?  Who let it go? Who didn’t call back?  Who was “too busy?”  How much fun you had with that person?  Did you just grow apart?  Was their friendship just for “a season?”  Or did one of you stop trying?  I can think of several friends from my past who were awesome and yes, our lives did take different paths that made it challenging to relate the same way we always had, but I think I too easily  translated that to mean that our “season of friendship” was over and that was okay. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it is a scapegoat.  I still wonder what might have been.  Was it all me?  Did I let them all go?

They’re my ghosts, haunting me in an un-scary way, gently reminding me not to let it happen again.

And I don’t want to. So I’m heeding their non-creepy, whispered advice.

No, I’m not great on the phone.  But I love writing cards.  Sure, life gets busy and it’s hard to just find time for coffee with someone, but what’s the alternative?  I can’t wait around for them to make 25 hours in my day and until then, put them off.  To me, relationships are one of the most important parts of life.  I just don’t act like it all the time.  I need to show it.

Friend, I care.

Friend, I want to see you.

Friend, I’m thinking about you.

Friend, what’s going on in life?  Did you know how awesome you are?  I want to know what you are up to.  How I can be praying for you? What memory can we make?

I know it means so much to me when a friend reaches out to me.  You’re thinking of me?  You want to see me?  You want to spend time?  And it can hurt when all is quiet.

I don’t want to be quiet.

In today’s world, you can speak a text while you’re working out/making dinner/on your way home/doing just about anything and reach out or make a plan.

Gone are the days of living with all of my friends or having them in class, the same Bible study, or even the same state. But here and now are the days of instant communication as if you shared a bunk bed or wall.

So moments.  I’m trying to grab them. Trying to make them.

Friends, just know I’m trying.



§ One Response to Catching Butterflies.

  • ma says:

    Food for thought! That is why I covet time with my family and friends because life is so darn
    fleeting……especially at my age 🙂

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