Ups, downs, and the in between.

July 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

You guys.

I just had to tell you how this Friday has gone so far, and it’s only a little after 2:30pm.

First- an encouraging, amazing, life-giving, motivating and inspirational time with dear Elise: authoress, wise woman and scheduler extraordinaire.  Crossing my fingers and praying like mad that I live out our conversation and don’t succumb to fear and doubt.  Thank you, Elise!

Very much an “up.”

Then, staring at a freelance article.  That I have been putting off since I took it.  And have only been brewing hatred for it, which makes starting it (let alone completing it) near impossible.  Totally stuck. Ugh.  I want to just throw it in the garbage and walk away.  Very frustrating.  A total “down.”  But then…

I read this. Ah, the encouragement again.  I am so undeserving of it, because clearly I forget wise words from others after only a moment and sink back into the pit of an article.  But God sent me Ally’s direction, I just know it, and my heart felt a little relief.  It could breathe.  She is right and I need to apply it. Right now. With this article.  It’s not ideal, having to do it rather than throwing my hands up in the air, but I’m looking to the Lord when I don’t think I can do it.  Because He can. And I’m praising Him for it.

A great reminder.

“Up” again.

Oh- and happy Olympics day!  Been looking forward to it and planning a special screening complete with pizza pies.

Happy Friday!

It’s you and me, article.

[Update: article-done.  After a bit more doubt and banging my head against the wall to the great alarm of my cat, God and I had a big talk and WE charged ahead and FINISHED IT.  With a glass of wine and continued dialogue with Him, it got written.  And I’m thankful for the struggle.]


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