OK, U.K.

August 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

I heard that the second anniversary is paper.

Well, at least in the U.K. it is.

So in honor of the Olympics and our two years of wedded bliss, I am tackling our wedding album and no, I haven’t been avoiding it all this time because it’s overwhelming and significant and practically permanent.  Not at all.

You see, I am not nannying this week, which means three things:

  1. More writing, fun and freelance (yes, those have become two separate things).
  2. Helping Kenny remember to eat, sleep, and shower as he works his tail off.  Oh, and jumping in on a project this weekend that already involved me carrying bags of concrete and piles of lumber in preparation.  I get to wear my special overalls and pretend I belong on a job site. Hahahaha.
  3. Making our wedding album.

Let’s just say that when I made our honeymoon album last year (why I made an album for the honeymoon at all, let alone before making the wedding album, is a looong story), there was crying. Hot, angry, tears of frustration.

And then, when I made our wedding video for our first anniversary, complete with all the pictures ever taken around our engagement and wedding, plus music and ceremony footage using software I had never used before, there was crying. Gulping, shoulder-shaking weeping.

SO you see why I may have evaded this task in favor of my sanity.

My plan this time is to avoid technology all together.  We’re not the greatest friends when it doesn’t do what I want it to do and my experience making photo books has sent me running into more primitive arms.  I am going to go old school and do it scrapbook-style so if I want that picture to go there, it will, see.

The truth is, I’m scared. And avoiding it right now (when my schedule says I should be choosing pictures).

Gah, here I go. If I come back crying, you’ll know why.


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