The Dark Side of Twitter

August 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

My husband doesn’t tweet.

In fact, he is the farthest away from being a social media buff that you can get. He’s rarely on Facebook, has never seen Twitter, and knows as much about Pintrest as he does a visit to the gynecologist.

To him, a platform is something you stand on (to the point where when I read him this piece, he asked,”Well, what else would it be?” Point = proven).

It is downright negligent by today’s technology standards, the way he ignores everything about the cute buttons on every blog and website, blatantly dodging their existence. Social media blasphemy, I tell you.

As a blogger and a writer, I’m into it. I share things on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and find other excuses to frequently check in with these communities when I should probably be doing something else. I have caught myself thinking in status updates and 140 characters, but have so far curbed the impulse to take a picture of my dinner and send it out to my humble following of friends (I promise you’re not missing out).

But sometimes, it all backfires and I wish I practiced my husband’s rogue philosophy.

I’m over at Beautifully Rooted today talking about what happens when I use social media against myself. It aint pretty, but confession never is, is it?

The fact that it only takes a tweet to leave me grappling with comparison and my very own worth is the wicked truth. A trap, I tell you, time and time again.

What is your trap?  Where does Satan grab your hand and run you down the comparison rabbit hole?

Turns out it comes down to What I Believe versus The Truth So join me over at Beautifully Rooted to talk some truth, won’t you?

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§ One Response to The Dark Side of Twitter

  • ma says:

    Wow!!!!!!! Such beautiful wisdom and something I should remember when I get computer challenged or frustrated……i.e. that it doesn’t really matter what I can or cannot find/do on my computer, or in life in general, because I have all I need in the One who created me…….I am the daughter of the King 🙂

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