In this season.

August 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

Ooooo doggay (as they say…somewhere)- it has been quite a week.

Quite a couple of weeks, actually.  Turns out running a business, building a marriage, and facing other entrepreneurial endeavors can feel like navigating dark, uncharted waters with nothing but your grandpa’s WWII compass and your gut.
Are we on the right track? Should we be going the total opposite way? Oh, we’re taking on water? Plug the hole with a sock for now because we have to focus on the fact that the rudder has gone missing.

That’s what it feels like sometimes.  Damage control. Barely afloat. Nothing but the unknown head.  Sure, we have our PFDs (the Lord, family, and friends, of course), but at times it can feel like all we have is each other and a dingy.

[Aaaaand I’m officially finished with the nautical references.  You’re welcome.]

You get the idea.

I know this is that season we’ll look back on with fondness.  The Beginning.  The Way We Were. We’ll sit on the deck of our dreams that my husband built with his own two hands, remembering the nights spent working ’til 11pm, trying to keep our elderly cat and five chickens alive, and barely having time to play a game of Rummikub before turning in and starting it all over again with the new day.


We’ll tell our children that “we had our love” and were running our business out of a ’91 4Runner with an oil leak. Many oil leaks.  We’ll tell them about the evenings spent at our little, unfinished Latvian kitchen table talking projects and plans and the future with fake confidence. The mornings where a good cup of coffee seemed to abate all of our fears.

We’ll look at each other with satisfied smiles, clink the tips of our wine glasses together, and say “we did it.”  Houses built. Books written. Children raised. Animals grazing.


Blessed. Beyond measure.

These are the days that started us off.  The Life the Soldanos Built, if you will.

I know that day will come and we will be filled with so much gratitude for the life we were given, praying and hoping only that we were good stewards, serving and loving others well, above all.

And with that in mind, another cup of coffee this morning and we’re on our way.


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  • ma says:

    All I can say is that day, those days, will indeed come in your future, but, you have to take the journey,first, to find that end of the road 🙂 You are on your way, though ❤

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