Hot off the presses!

September 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

So, today’s a big day.

Remember my friend, Annie?  You know, the one with whom I sipped coffee in Portland, leaving ol’ Seattle behind to meet her at…Starbucks? (What? They’re everywhere and when you’re meeting a total stranger, it’s better to leave hole-in-the-wall-trendy for another day. I could have been a murderer and she needed witnesses. Okay, really they’re just everywhere.  And when the first was closed, there was another one two blocks away! Starbucks.)

Anyway, today is an exciting day for Annie because her book, Perfectly Unique, is released! And she’s freaking out.

Besides the fact that I am thrilled for her because she is just awesome and when awesome people have books come out, it’s a red-letter day, it’s a PHENOMENAL BOOK.  For you, for your daughter, your sister, your niece, your neighbor, any female in middle/high school and beyond, really. Little Natalie is pouting over the fact that she didn’t have this at her fingertips growing up to keep her out of trouble (but then she wouldn’t have her own book to write, so, ya know- it all works out).

But it is still ministering to the soul of Big Natalie in a big way, to be sure.  Annie relates and shares the purpose of our bodies (to glorify God) with humor and grace.  Young or old, you will enjoy it, think and pray about it, and see your body in a new way.

Okay, enough from me.  Go get it.
Here, I’ll help you out (just click the photo below and to Amazon you’ll go!):Enjoy, leave a review, and pass it on.

Please and thank you!


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