Where for art thou, Chickadee?

December 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Well, Merry Christmas, ya’ll.

And Happy Thanksgiving.  And Happy Halloween.

A month and a half since my last post? Really?  That’s a bit absurd. Since I was last here, presidents have been elected, Twinkies have been on the brink of extinction, and Furbies are back.

I thought it was time to check back in amidst the madness.

The truth is, this lil’ blog space has not been far from my mind in that time, but I just haven’t quite known what to do with it. Because there have been some Chickadee changes.

You see, way back in October when I was becoming increasingly absent, a few things were going on behind the scenes that weren’t about to be splashed on the internets, no matter how much I wanted to. First of all, we were gone to for a month (with limited internet access) in order for Kenny to work on a massive deck.  I was there to make sure he didn’t die.

Oh- and we relocated at the best of times, too.  We packed our bags and headed to an isolated island…about two days after learning that we were pregnant.

Crazy, surreal, emotional times, people.

But WAHOO!  We basically fell into our own little world for a little while.  Since then, we’ve been enjoying every day, fascinated by the changing body and the kickboxing baby inside my belly.  And here we are:bumpedit

Please enjoy my incredible maternity fashion: t-shirts from 1987 and yoga pants are “the look,” didn’t you know?

Some stats?

The baby is supposed to be a little bit bigger than a large mango at this point.  Baby kicks abound and are very weird while oddly wonderful.  Daddy and I felt them for the first time on the exact same night, which isn’t a moment I’ll soon forget. No real crazy cravings, except when I want something, I HAVE TO HAVE IT. Example: Chocolate Milkshake Night, Mexi Fries Pitstop of 2012, and The Great Breakfast Sandwich Hunt.  I also really love Cheez Its. I cry at the drop of a hat and laugh like a trucker (not sure what science goes behind that development). Clothes are a new challenge that I’m taking day by day and I find myself paralyzed with fear both in front of my closet and when I lay down at night, letting my head swim with all that’s coming in the form of a little person.

That is an update in a quick nutshell (before the clock strikes midnight and our Christmas card to you at the bottom becomes null and void). It’s an incredibly blessed season and we couldn’t be happier to be around family, friends, and love this Christmas Eve with our little Peanut jib-jabbing inside. We haven’t had heat for two days? No problem.  We have been in car flux for a while and are trying to get over three mountain passes to Montana at the end of the week to pick up a new one?  Give us a challenge.

So I’m going to try to be back here more often, documenting life once more.  For now, MERRY CHRISTMAS and hallelujah that our Savior was born. His blessings are everywhere.

Natalie, Kenny, and Peanut

PicMonkey Collage


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