My kid is a fruit.

January 4, 2013 § 1 Comment

Apparently, I am over halfway through this pregnancy.

Usually, being “over halfway” done with something is meant to incite joy, like passing the halfway mark in a marathon or watching the clock tick passed midway through a shift at work (the former, about which I would know nothing about, but I’m just assuming).  Bellyblogpic2.5

However, this case might just be a little different. Instead of joy, I can’t help but give in to some of the feelings of downright fear. They go something like this:

Really? Weren’t we just finding out and we had the whole thing ahead of us? And there were so. many. naps.”

“Was I supposed to have registered by now?”

“Should I have Pinterest boards full of nursery ideas? I hate Pinterest.” Thus, no boards.

“Classes…classes…I’m sure we need some…”

“Am I supposed to look like her at this point? Hahahahaha.”

I still feel like I’m getting my bearings, my mind around everything let alone feeling comfortable with a gliding decent into parenthood. From the size of an appleseed to raspberry, plum to sweet potato, this kid is sailing through the produce aisle like nobody’s business and I’m hardly keeping up.

I know you’re never “ready.” And that’s all fine and well.  But as I look down at my belly and think of the kid who is going to make their appearance in a determined amount of days (only known by God, who I wish would share), I can’t help but feel a bit weak with all that is ahead.

And I find comfort and peace with change in the words of (yes, Jesus, but also) the lovely Jennifer Garner:

“I wish I was one of those cute pregnant girls who wear skinny jeans throughout their pregnancies. But I just gain weight.”

Thank you, Jennifer.  Keeping it real.

Stats:  Heartburn has set in and should supposedly last until the end (i.e. all the more reason to consume copious amounts of ice cream. It’s practically prescribed).//Still sleeping normally, if not better than before I was pregnant.  For now.//Pants are more and more challenging. My strict “no leggings as pants” rule? Aboutsta go out the window. I have a pair of fleece-lined leggings in mind that sound like HEAVEN.//The baby’s measurements continue to be compared to fruit I’ve never seen. Mango? Papaya? Pomegranate? It sounds great, but can’t place it.  These fruits are not frequently in my fruit basket. I’m considering running to the exotic fruit store to hold what is supposed to be the size of my child.//Really, Peanut is measuring big, which could either mean a big baby or an earlier due date than originally thought.  My vote is for the latter, Lord help us.//Still staying away from sites like Modern Mom, Mommies with Style, and Breezy Mama (and I shan’t link to them here, because that would mean visiting them and I just. can’t). “Modern,” “stylish,” and “breezy” were never adjectives connected to me or my personality before pregnancy and I certainly won’t be starting now.

Well that’s where we stand on this lovely Friday, folks. We are halfway. Better buckle up.


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  • franknlily says:

    My preferred method of ice cream ingestion was through root beer floats – Jasper was grown on root beer floats, bagels, and fruit. I wish there were words that I could share to “prepare” you…but there just aren’t any. Just know that you are about to experience the sweetest, most overwhelming blessing of your life. Two tips – write down your birth story as soon as you can because that memory fades quickly and I know that you (of all people) would be frustrated at not being able to get it down on paper. Also, do not make any parenting decisions (big or small) between the hours of 8:00pm and 8:00am.

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