The blog I want to be.

January 11, 2013 § 1 Comment

There are bloggers I feel like I know.

As I make my way down my daily list of reads, I feel like I’m catching up with a neighbor or old friend. They invite me in, give me a glimpse into their day, encouragements or struggles, and over a cup of coffee we bond over the thinking, praying, writing we do in life.  Their blog is a place to share and relate, and I feel it.cup of coffee2

Image//Edited by ThisChickadee

They work to build community and bring people together and I get excited to be a part of what they are doing.

And then there are other blogs.

These are the blogs that I found because of their pretty pictures, buttons, and hair.  They are guilty pleasures, ones I read (on a confident day) through the lens of “this will never be my life” and that’s okay. And no matter how many “don’t get me wrong-I have problems, too” posts I see from them, it feels like if I were to knock on their door, they’d turn me away with my empty coffee mug in my hands in order to go take pictures of their new boots. The SLRs, the decor, the outfits I will never own… I can’t often relate, but I like to look at pretty sometimes.Glitter

Image//Edited by ThisChickadee

Guess which one I want to be?

I recently joined The Influence Network, founded by a the wonderful Hayley from The Tiny Twig (where I appeared now and again, like here and here). It’s a blessing of a network designed to gather bloggers hoping to make their online presence “mean something.”  Since signing up, I’ve been privileged to engage in conversations about marriage, writing, and how faith motivates our blogging and I couldn’t be happier with the thoughts being provoked. [Seriously, join in the Influence party! You won’t regret it. *Shameless plug now over*]

It’s hard to find your place in the blog world.  In this generation of self-publishing, I’m working on it.  As life changes approach, including another shift in employment, I’m recalibrating (again) and honing in on what I hope from this space. I’ve pulled back only to jump back in many times and feel I am getting closer to the place the Lord wants me to make. Launching words and ideas out into the internet world is too easy and I want to be careful with what I’m putting out there.  I want to grow and stretch my writing while providing a place for conversation.

I shan’t list the things I have been brainstorming in case some don’t come to fruition, but just know that I’m examining my heart and intentions for blogging and only looking to foster the good stuff, the stuff that makes you want to knock on the door and sip on your morning brew with me.

Change is a-comin’.

//On that note, please feel free to let me know of anything I’m missing, should pull back on (baby talk?), or you think is just plain awesome. I’m open to anything. The evolution may be slow-going, but it’s happening and your thoughts matter.


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