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January 31, 2013 § 1 Comment

“What a weird day,” I said as I was walking out the door.
“It’s a good day,” my husband replied.

I don’t know.


Today has held quite a few things that have created quite a storm of emotions.

Today was the end of my time as a nanny and I am now facing three months of full-time writing before the Little One demands I never write again. There is so much in that sentence, I don’t even know where to start.
I wanted to finish well with this family and I think I did that.  I hope I served them well and was able to take pride in the work I did for them and the relationship we built. I truly do value the opportunity they gave me while balancing writing and, ultimately, before this new journey I’m embarking on. But it’s over. And that’s weird.

Today also came with rejection. I had written an article for an online magazine about 7-8 months ago now and was really excited about it.  It was probably my biggest platform yet.  I went through the editing process with them (which felt even more official) and in the blur of early pregnancy, promptly forgot about it after the final revisions were complete and I would “hear back.”  I never heard another word.  I reached out recently to track it down and today, finally, received the reply that they had decided not to publish it (who knows when that happened) and they thanked me for being a reader.  And I don’t know how to handle rejection, let alone delayed rejection.  Blah.

Today, Kenny  might come home with a new work van. Finally. This means two new cars in one month, purchased exactly one month apart.  Still processing that we are in the phase of life to be doing things like this. [And that’s saying nothing about parenthood. Don’t even get me started on that.] Two cars from this decade? Impossible. When did we grow up?

And remember that three months of writing so I can, essentially, finish the project I began long ago? Yeah, that starts tomorrow.
*Insert fear, intimidation, and flurry of “should I even be doing this?” doubts here.*

SO, what’s new with you?


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