Touching base.

March 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

Yes, I skipped my usual Thursday posting last week after quite the confession.

Yes, friends were in town and showers happened and sleep consequently did not happen last week, which only encouraged my absence. I haven’t really seen my husband in days.

Yes, I crashed and burned on Sunday and barely got my bearings Monday. We have a stack of dirty dishes taller than me, no clean spoons, and no food in the house.

And yes, I am without substantial material for today. This week is hardly slowing down and big changes are happening behind the scenes in my family that I can barely think about, let alone write about.

But I missed you. And I felt the need to check in. Sometimes you just need to touch base with where you are sure in the midst of uncertainty and chaos.

I will be back on track soon. Back to regularly scheduled posting on Thursday is the plan.

And without an outfit post or particularly pretty photography to feature, I must just leave you with this lighthearted clip to begin our Tuesday just right.

Because they had to practice this. And keep straight faces. And wear those outfits. It leaves me shaking my head in wonder.

Enjoy, friends.


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