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reading: Just finished a book on Scientology, Beyond Belief by Jenna Miscavige Hill, who is the niece of the current leader of the Church. Man, if you want a glimpse into what-the-cray-cray Scientology is about, pick this up and proceed in wonder and disbelief. Yes, it is that bad. But fascinating.

…watching: I’m not going to lie–“The Voice” is back on and I People can really sing and I get completely absorbed in their journeys.  “American Idol?” Pass.

…processing: Change. So much change. My brother is on his way halfway across the country with a cat in the car and an unknown itinerary. He is moving to Texas. We’ll talk about that later.

…learning: How to appreciate. In the midst of change and turnover that I don’t much like, I’m trying to grow my “thankful in all things” muscles a bit more. Our small group recently studied what it means to sacrifice for worship, and how that can mean praising Him for the things we’d rather not be going through, the things we’d rather be praying He take away. But it is an act of obedience to thank Him for “all the things” and trust that He knows better than we do. And when we do it, it doesn’t mean that He’s going to then take away/heal/reconcile our issues (it aint no trade), but our soul will have peace and we will be closer to Him. And that is worth it.

On our way to the midwife. Early. Hence "tired eyes" and "morning hair."

On our way to the midwife. Early. Hence “tired eyes” and “morning hair.”

…growing: A giant baby. Turns out that Peanut gave our midwife a bit of a shock during our appointment yesterday. At 33 weeks, we’re measuring at 37. I laughed out loud. She said it wasn’t funny. So we’re scheduled for an ultrasound in three weeks to see what’s going on in there. The positive side? We’ll get to see Peanut again (and faithfully look away to avoid seeing anything we don’t want to see, though our luck would be we’d spot something on accident just weeks away from delivery). And I have faith that Peanut is just big and happy in there, which I’m glad for. The down side? Perhaps delivering a giant baby. And the fact that I’m changing my diet a bit to slow this baby’s roll–more protein (eh), less carbs and sugar (yum).

…eating: A doughnut. Whoops.

…accomplishing: A master To-Do list. Who knows if it’ll all get done.  Probably not. But we inherited a car seat and a bassinet in the last week or so, so at least we can get the baby home and sleeping in something besides a drawer. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

…anticipating: Our weekend away. Oh man, are we both itching for it. My husband has been working his tail off for weeks and needs a break. We’ll get to be away from lists and the stress of an unprepared house and focus on each other, relaxing, and naming our child. Well, at least two out of the three will occur.

Now I’m off to walk with my long-lost husband.

Thursday blessings.


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