A very, very, very fine house.

May 2, 2013 § 4 Comments

We had no idea that in the spring of 2010, we were going to find the house we’d start a family in.

It was a diamond in the rough found the old fashioned way, an ad in the paper.
A house among many, many apartments.IMG_2034

We needed our first place. And didn’t think about how long it would last.
You know how it goes–after years of nomadically moving around from dorm room to apartment to parent’s house to apartment, with new roommates, old pets, and never landing anywhere for long, you’re conditioned to homes being temporary.
And by Year Two of this marriage thing, it started to sink in that, well, we weren’t going anywhere. We weren’t packing up once again and hunting for a new space due to a school calendar or someone moving out.
We were here to stay.

And I would say that it took us that long, a good couple of years, to really feel settled. And now, into year three, we can’t even picture bringing Peanut home anywhere else.

Since moving in, we have acquired chickens, an elderly cat, big furniture, and still no dishwasher. We’ve purged and reorganized, decorated and rearranged Craigslist finds. We’ve been getting to know this house for some time and I can say that it truly feels like home. Our home.IMG_1996

I just wanted to stop and appreciate that, this place where our family started and will continue to grow.
To consider the mark on the wall where the shelf fell down on the cable guy.
The tiny corner of the carpet with a burn mark from where an ember escaped while we were listening to The Count of Monte Cristo and sipping wine by the fire.
The cabinets we spent a weekend repainting.
The pine needles I’m still finding from Christmas trees of yesteryear.

How our spare room went from storage space to mish-mash office/guest room to fully functioning office to now office/nursery.IMG_2043

We’ll always remember our first place. Where we first had milk delivered, let our chickens roam, and met Peanut.

Looking around at the walls that contain so many memories and knowing it’s just the beginning is an overwhelming and blessed feeling.

The Lord has always provided for us and this house holds the most precious ways He’s done that. Food, clothes, dish soap, internet, water, electricity, a bed, a crib, heat, a yard, each other. To name a few.

And even though it’s just a house and we’ll one day move and make new memories somewhere else, we’re happy here. And that’s all you can ask for.

Photos by the lovely and talented Shannon Hannon


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