Ruminate with me.

May 16, 2013 § 1 Comment

Yup. Still here.

Packed. Ready to go at a moment’s notice. Bracing myself at every twinge and tingle that feels out of the ordinary. Wondering if every night’s sleep (if you can call it that) will be the last without night feedings and stage whispered pillow talk.

Considering my mother was three weeks overdue with my brother and they say you take after your maternal side (and she also craved milkshakes while pregnant, so…), I may be in for the long haul. It’s just science.

Peanut’s doing awesome, I’m feeling good, but it’s hard not to feel like an invalid, at home and playing this waiting game.

Thus, I need to refocus my attention and have thereby drafted a very important list. I give you:

Natalie’s List of Distracting Things To Focus On In Lieu of Having a Baby

•The book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker is a MUST READ. My book club recently inhaled it (along with some excellent Indian food to fuel the discussion ala the culinary talent, Ms. Kendra) and we are all fans. Jen is hilarious, honest, and really gets you thinking about the areas of excess in your life without shaming you into “And why haven’t you given away everything you own yet, hm? Sinner.” It’s realistic and encouraging, reminding the church where it came from and opening eyes to the traps we all fall into as consumers. Read. It.

•We are now down to three chickens. Out of a possible five. In case you missed it, we lost one a few months ago to (we think) a possum.  Then, said possum learned not to mess with my husband or the end of his club. [True story: he totally used a homemade club, circa caveman days. Proud? Disturbed? I still haven’t decided.] Needless to say, we thought we’d taken care of any backyard predators. Alas, that was not the case. Another one bit the dust somehow, some way (just…feathers everywhere) which resulted in a stormy Kenny and another burial ceremony.

“Good-bye, Henny Penny. Thank you for the eggs, for keeping spiders out of the house, and for pooping all over any shoes we left by the back door. You’ve been a good chicken.”

R.I.P. Chicken bum on the left.

IMG_2003Photo by the lovely and talented Shannon Hannon

This comes after more than one day of chickens escaping and roaming the streets, resulting in neighbors calling us/knocking on the door to let us know they were out and about or in their yard.
Moral to the story? If you want to meet your neighbors, get chickens. Bam.

•”I think everyone should be poor for a while.” These wise words were stated recently when interviewing couples for my aforementioned newlywed project. At the time, I chuckled and completely agreed, fondly looking back on the time right after the wedding that Kenny & I referred to as “Poor Time.” We even put it on the calendar with affection. However, as we’re gearing up for this little babe, something tells me we have no idea what “Poor Time” really looks like. Here’s to more VHS evenings and fro-yo coupon cutting for date night. Oh wait–we already do that. Maybe we’re more familiar than we thought. Good-bye, fro-yo…

•Peanut butter and chocolate is just about the best combination in existence. Amen? Amen. Plus, Kenny’s allergic to peanuts, so I don’t have to share. Win.

•On a particularly rough day recently, my mom showed up at my door with a smile and flowers “for the sad girl.” Then, we went for milkshakes (naturally). It’s always uplifting beyond words when someone slides right into your darkness with milkshakes and flowers. I want to be that kind of mom.Flowersmom1

•And finally, our elderly cat is currently limping about as if stricken with polio. She’s only getting smaller and can no longer jump up on the couch as she approaches her 18th birthday. Friends, I don’t know how to say good-bye to a beloved pet. Our cats growing up either ran away or passed away without me present.
Zoya makes me want to feed her cheese and popcorn all day (her favorites) and  strap her in Peanut’s Moby so she only feels comfort and love. I know this should not be done. What I can do? Most days she just stares up at me, unblinkingly, either begging for mercy or my leftover cereal milk. I want nothing more than to be a cat whisperer to know what she’s thinking.
Well, expect a tribute to this long-living feline soon enough. She has been awesome and deserves one last post. However, if we say “good-bye” to her, too, in the coming days, you can bet it will be more emotional than a chicken funeral. To say the least.

I think that about covers it. I was successfully distracted from the forever-in-utero Peanut for quite a while, composing that list of books, animal deaths (past and pending), moms, money, and heavenly flavor combos. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Lord help us if Peanut still isn’t here by next Tuesday. I will by then have resorted to truly contemplating my protruding naval and we’ll all be in trouble.


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