3, too.

August 27, 2013 § 1 Comment

Three months.

In a blink.

So far, as parents to you, dear boy, we only know a few things.
And they are the following:

1.)  We witnessed creation and new life firsthand three months ago.
We became intimately aware of how God knits us together and delivers us.

2.)  Son, we are now stewards of the most precious in His sight: one of His children. You.
You are His on loan to us, to raise. And we are honored.

3.)  You are going to change the world, I am sure of it. The way your eyes are so fierce, so determined, so adamant, set to accomplish what’s before you. As you stand on your toes, with our help, you are already looking ahead to what you will do one day. On your own.


And one last thing.

there’s no one else your dad and I would rather giggle/sit/gaze/walk/play/dance/babble/eat/be a family with.

So much love.


§ One Response to 3, too.

  • ma says:

    Our little one is precious in our sight, but, more importantly, in His sight!!!! Our grandson is off to a wonderful start with the parents God entrusted him to ❤

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