If there’s snow, I’m blogging.

December 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

For some reason, you can’t make me blog until there is snow.

As seen here, here, here and here, for example, if there are flakes falling, I have to hop on here and tell you about it. Or at least write something. Because apparently, my gleeful energy must be channeled somewhere while my boys sleep and I pretend to be enjoying the quiet when really I want to GO OUTSIDE IN MY BATHROBE AND MAKE SNOW ANGELS BEFORE IT ALL MELTS.


But I will refrain. I musn’t panic. It’s awesome our little cub is still asleep and the snow is not all going to melt in the next hour before he has a chance to see it. *slow, deep breaths*

So I will take this chance to update you on a few things.

Saw Santa: He went. He sat. He smiled. He held Santa’s hand. He basically rocked it. No crying baby here. I’m convinced Santa was charmed (and probably a bit relieved since the kids before us LOST IT). When the Man in Red asked our boy what he wanted for Christmas, I answered “a teether.” When Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I answered “I don’t know….” Pause. “A full night’s sleep.” It’s all I could think of.

Peace on Earth: I had every intention of making a few gifts this year. And even got started. Then I completely stressed out as Christmas came nearer and nearer and nothing was getting done, so I abandoned the biggest one and feel much better. Since setting it aside, oh, what a lovely Christmas season this has turned out to be.

Family Ties: My brother and his family are back in town for the holiday. They are pretty much my favorite people (no offense to anyone else in my life, who are also my favorite people. You see how this works.) and to reunite the cousins is the most exciting part. Their littlest is three months younger than our boy and therefore they are meant to be best friends. Geography has just gotten in the way. Now that they are together, the two Happiest Babies Ever just smile and coo and make everything brighter. Stress has no place around these wee ones. It’s the best.

A Grateful Heart: On a serious note, I’m learning every day what it means to be grateful. Never one to look at life from that perspective, it’s a real shift for me. My M.O. was pretty much always pessimism or negativity when the going got rough (or really, when the going got inconvenient or unplanned or in my way). Now, as I’m forced to slow down and live outside of my plans and my timeline, I have seen what it means to enjoy moments, breaths, the little things. It took almost seven months, but I’ve pretty much abandoned my own agenda because it caused too much frustration to live in the tension between my plans and my son’s plans. And oh, the freedom. The joy. I’ve decided that I will never look back on this time and wish I had gotten more done. But I do know that I will look back and regret the time I didn’t take appreciating this life if I let it pass me by. It’s very counter-intuitive to stop and sit on the floor and gaze at the same toy everyday with my boy rather than get things done, but I’ll always remember it. Chores, be damned.

Obamacaresnot: As we go through the ringer with the ACA, I decided to put something up on Facebook about it. It’s unlike me to comment on anything political online, but it was time. People needed to know the ugly underbelly of the law and how it is effecting our family (and in case are not FB friends, I’ll sum it up for you: badly). And I’m glad I did. It hasn’t been easy–confrontation makes my feet go numb, my tummy turn, and altogether presents the physical signs of a heart attack– but it’s been important. And ultimately, no matter what happens with our healthcare, I’ve gotten a renewed sense of one thing: we musn’t worry, we musn’t fear, for Jesus is our portion. HE is the one who is in charge of our care.Not the government. Not the President.  And in that, I find rest, not stress.

Unless it snows again, I probably won’t be back on here until Christmas, so MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and may you have such an incredibly blessed season with the ones you love. Enjoy the heck out of the holidays (and the SNOW), my friends.



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